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Bio Carbon Solutions

Bio Carbon Solutions

3906 Niele Place
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816


PH: (808) 389-1452

E-mail:   timn@biocarbsolutions.com



Bio Carbon Solutions offers design and construction services for one of the most efficient, clean and fiscally responsible answers to reducing the waste and carbon emissions created by our modern society while producing BioCarbon, which consists of Carbon and Charcoal, Clean Energy and BioFuel, which can be used for energy producing applications.

With hundreds of new clean energy technologies emerging today, BCS and the TCOM (Thermal Conversion of Oraganic Materials) process is backed by over 30 years of reseach and development in state-of-the-art energy technology labs and 6 years of  field operations at our  Facility in Kapolei, Hawaii.

Earth, Wind & Fire Technologies, LLC

14260 W. Newberry Rd. Suite # 139

Newberry, Florida, USA 32669


PH: (352) 535-4490 

E-mail:  dennis@ewftech.com