Renewable Energy




Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions are being sought by more and more communities every day.  By utilizing a P3 Connection financing structure, your community can achieve both.


Renewable Energy projects are part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 


  • Waste to Energy

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Power

  • Hydro Power and more


By developing renewable energy projects or installing energy-saving devices, your community could reduce or even eliminate your utility expenses entirely.

A P3 Connection solution makes it possible for your community to benefit from these energy-saving projects with ZERO initial cash outlay by your community. 

How Can We Build a Renewable Energy Project

Using a Public Private Partnership?


P3 Connection has relationships with various technology providers/operators of Waste to Energy, Solar, Wind and Hydro Power.


Private Partner engages these operators (or an operator of your choice) for the purpose of developing a facility.


Private Partner provides 100% of the funds required to construct the facility.


The Operator manages the facility for the Government Partner (or the Government Partner can manage the facility themselves.)


Government Partner leases the facility for a pre-determined time period (typically 20 – 30 years)


All parties share in the profits from the facility.


Government Partner can purchase the facility for $1.00 at the end of the lease term.

Project Types


All Renewable Energy Projects are considered. 


Below are the most requested project types: 


  • Waste to Energy

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Power

  • Hydro Power

Advantages for your Community


Depending upon the terms of the partnership agreement, the following benefits may apply:


  • ZERO Cost to your Community

  • Electricity or Fuels created can be sold or utilized by your community, reducing or eliminating your overall utility expense

  • Flexible Lease Payment Options

  • Terms up to 30 Years available

  • Deferred and escalating payments

  • Municipal Bond Issue NOT required

  • Typically less expensive and takes less time

  • Payments low due to long term lease

  • Transaction typically listed as a "footnote" on your Balance Sheet vs Debt Obligation




Waste to Energy Project Built in your Community

with ZERO Financial Obligations for the

Government Partner


P3 Connection has recently structured a partnership arrangement with a Developer who is willing to construct, own, operate and manage a Waste to Energy plant in your community with ZERO financial obligations required of the Government Partner. 


The plant will utilize municipal waste to create diesel fuel and/or electricity.


The technology is proven and is currently in operation at a facility in the United States.


The Developer is willing to discuss various scenarios that include revenue-generating options for the Government Partner. 


Please CONTACT US if you would like additional information on this Renewable Energy Program.