Energy Saving Programs




Energy Efficiency Devices and Programs are being implemented by Governments all across the country in an effort to reduce expenses and energy consumption.


P3 Connection has formed relationships with national Energy Audit Consultants with the ability to analyze your current energy consumption and devices and suggest a variety of solutions to decrease your energy expenses.


We have also forged relationships with several Performance Contractors throughout the country who provide Performance Guarantees ensuring that cost reduction savings are realized by the installation of the devices. 

A P3 Connection solution makes it possible for your community to benefit from these energy-saving modifications with ZERO initial cash outlay by your community.   

Additionally, our solution allows you to defer payments on the devices until you have “banked” the savings generated by the installation. Therefore, the installation of the devices typically pays for itself and you enjoy the continued cost savings for the life of the products.

What Types of Devices or Programs Are Offered through your Program?


Our Partners will determine the best solutions, however, typical suggestions include:


  • LED & Induction Lighting Upgrades

  • Water Saving Devices

  • Electricity Saving Devices

  • HVAC Upgrades

  • Solar Panels

  • Wind Turbines

Advantages for your Community


  • ZERO Initial Cost to your Community

  • Payments can typically be structured so payments are not due until after you have accumulated sufficient savings generated from the installation to pay for the device or program

  • Flexible Payment Terms up to 30 years

  • Savings generated from the installation of devices typically continue long after you have paid for the devices