How does a Build to Suit

Public Private Partnership work?


The Government Partner provides specifications for a new or Renovated Public facility.


The Private Partner provides the construction services to build or renovate the new facility.


The Private Partner provides 100% of the capital required for the project.


The Government Partner leases the facility from the Private partner (typically 30 years).


The Government Partner has the option to purchase the facility at lease end, typically for $1.00.

Build to Suit




Build to Suit projects are some of the most common Public Private Partnerships being requested today and can be structured in a variety of ways. 


A P3 Connection Solution provides you with the opportunity to build a brand new facility without requiring a bond issue and without any upfront funding necessary from your community.


Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding Build to Suit options.  If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQs or CONTACT US for additional information.


Are Design & Engineering Services available?


Yes, the Program and Terms are identical to the Build to Suit option but the Private Partner can also offer Architectural and Engineering Services as well.


Architectural Design and Engineering Services are currently available for Office Buildings, Hospital and Medical Facilities, Sporting Arenas, Manufacturing Facilities, Jail & Prison Facilities and Universities & Schools. 


Additional services are continually being added.  Please ask us about your specific need.

Advantages for your Community


Turnkey Project:         Private Partner delivers a complete Turnkey Project for your Community


All Project Types:       Private Partner has the ability and experience to construct virtually any project type


100% Financing:         Private Partner provides 100% of the upfront costs to construct the facility


Flexible Terms:           A variety of payment options are available to fit your budget, including:

                                     Fixed Interest Rates, Deferred Payments, Escalating Payments, and

                                     Repayment options up to 30 years


Purchase Option:       Government Partner can purchase the asset for $1.00 at the end of the term