Our Affordable Housing Partners



It is the mission of Community Concepts Agency, Inc., to enhance opportunities for low to moderate income families and individuals through the leveraging of funding from private business, federal, state, county and municipal entities in order that they may escape poverty and achieve self-sufficiency.

ENERGEO Construction Solutions (ECS) is an integration and product distribution company that provides Advanced Building Solutions (ABS), products and services to the commercial, industrial and residential construction industry. We utilize innovative products, technologies and services that enable our clients to produce value conscious, certified, energy-efficient, sustainable projects.


Our Advanced Building Solutions are specifically designed to address today’s growing global need for buildings that are more storm resistant, fire resistant, insect resistant, seismic resistant and environmentally sustainable.

Fortis Groep, is a vertically integrated leader in Real Estate, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Development, operating in 15 countries around the world with an excellent track record of past and current project volume in excess of US$ 8.6 billion.