Mission Statement


Provide Turnkey Projects, Revenue-Generating Programs and Financial Solutions for our Public Partners around the World.


About P3 Connection


P3 Connection, Inc. was created specifically to meet the growing demand

for financial solutions to the issues facing governments around the world


Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are one solution and are becoming more

commonplace as local, state and federal representatives struggle to operate

within the confines of reduced revenues and personnel.


P3 Connection has formed relationships with a variety of companies in an effort to provide complete Turnkey Solutions utilizing Public Private Partnerships.


In addition to providing 100% of the upfront capital for almost every conceivable government need, a P3 Connection solution may also include the "Private" Partner providing one or more of the following for our Government "Public" Partner:



  • Design and Engineering Services

  • Construction Services

  • Revenue Generation Programs

  • Energy Audit & Expense Saving Programs

  • Enable Employer Expansion into Community

  • Ability to Purchase Necessary Equipment

  • Ability to Upgrade or Repair Infrastructure

  • Build or Renovate Public Housing

  • Refinance Existing Municipal Bonds


Please see our Solutions for more details.




Why Choose Public Private Partnerships over Municipal Bonds?


Municipal Bonds have been, and will most likely continue to be, the primary funding mechanism for government entities, however, in recent years, many bond investors have changed their buying criteria.  Many will no longer purchase long-term bonds and/or will only purchase A+ rated bonds.  This severely restricts the ability of some communities to issue bonds and still achieve their goals.


Public Private Partnerships are one solution to that challenge.  P3s may provide several advantages over traditional Municipal Bond financing:


  • Government can maintain quality services despite budget limitations

  • Speedy, efficient and cost effective delivery of projects

  • Better access to capital for the construction of major facilities

  • Private Partner also shares in the risks of the government project

  • Government employees typically retained & usually at equal or improved benefits

  • Introduction of Private Sector technologies into the Public Sector




Why Choose a P3 Connection Solution?


In addition to the benefits of a Public Private Partnership listed above, due to the funding structure utilized, a P3 Connection solution may also offer the following advantages not always provided by other Private Investors:



  • Revenue Sharing Programs may be available for our Government Partner

  • Voter Approval may not be required

  • Funding mechanism is typically noted as a "footnote" on your Balance Sheet vs debt obligation

  • Deferred Payment Options are available for most projects

  • Flexible Terms up to 30 Years

  • $1.00 Purchase Option on most Build to Suit, Sale Leaseback and other transactions

  • Funding structure may provide accounting advantages for our Government Partner

  • Legal Fees typically less than with Municipal Bonds

  • Funding typically accomplished in 30 – 90 days (average 60 days)

  • Funds can be used to Refinance Existing Municipal Bonds




"It's hard to beat a person who

    never gives up."

                            Babe Ruth

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